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Coming Soon Episode 53! A New Life For Stephie! A Move And A Book Launch

Oct 4, 2017

Helloo...this is Stephanie...Talk, Tales and Trivia

We are all getting ready for episode 53 which should be out in a few days or so.

I know some listeners may think we have been a little "missing in action" with our latest episode but it isn't's just a little "delayed".

Behind the scenes we are working hard on this episode and future episodes as well as with our NEW Sub Genre Podcast...and a very special book launch FaceBook Live event, for Southpaw - A Tale About A Girl's Imagination, (coming out October 17th) which is very scary but also exciting!

I personally, have been making HUGE changes, too...moving and setting up a new life in a different part of the Northeast.

It's All VERY good...but a little disorganized. I hate that part :-)

Stay Tuned For Our Next Episode! We Love You,
Stephanie and the Talk, Tales and Trivia Gang

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