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Talk Tales and Trivia is a podcast of fun, interesting, and sometimes quirky topics of past and present American pop culture. Also...the Rant's and Raves segment! Yikes!

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Feb 10, 2017

Valentine's Day is finally here but here's the thing. Stephanie loves the day for different reasons then you'd think.

Sure the candy is great but kind of, well, boring. Cards are great but kind of, well, expected. And going out to dinner is, admittedly, a fall back option when you're running out of ideas.

There must be something else. A new and different way to celebrate this love-filled day.

Well, there is.

Yep. Stephanie uncovers her newfound "secret" to Valentine's Day that will surely make even the skeptics delighted. You won't believe how easy it is!

So put on that beautiful smile. It costs very little but the dividends will be worth the effort.

Bonus! Do these things and you will, more likely than not, get the ultimate in tangible gifts. Wink, wink, nod, nod...say no more.

Run, don't walk. Don't waste time. Go get that beautiful hot beverage of choice and perhaps one for your mate, too. Sit back, relax, listen and smile.

You've got this covered.

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