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Aug 20, 2018

Episode 68! - Nostalgia - Just Remember The Good Nostalgia

Stephanie Here...Talk, Tales and Trivia!

Well it seems like an episode on nostalgia was in order as I think of my two favorite seasons that are right upon us... Fall and Winter. Ahhh... the nostalgia of walking in the leaves, playing in the snow or, my favorite, hunkering down with an excellent book-book (the kind with pages).

There's a lot of history, and advice, regarding this nostalgia topic. My advice, if anyone's asking, is to take it easy on yourself and only have what I consider "good nostalgia" memories. The kind of nostalgia you are going to have fond memories of... like the trip you took when you were twenty-five, or an activity you loved doing with high school friends, and even getting cozy with a blanket on a snowy day. Yes! Just like ME!

You know what I would do now if I were you? Get that favorite beverage and snack... go now and get in that recliner with said beverage and snack and...

Sit. Relax. Listen. Enjoy.

Thank you for making this the best two years in a row that I have ever had! Yes. This Talk, Tales and Trivia podcast is all for you!

And I love you. Thank you.


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