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Feb 27, 2018

Helloo...This is Stephanie...Talk, Tales, and Trivia!

I am so proud to announce that my new book, Southpaw - A Tale About A Girl's Imagination is coming out soon.

This book has been a long time in the works and as I get closer to the launch date I am getting more excited and a little scared, too.

Let me tell you that this will be the 2nd generation of Southpaw - A Tale About A Girl's Imagination. And a lot has happened to make my book exactly the way I want it to be (that's why this is the 2nd generation of my book).

Writing a book has been on my mind for years. To see the words that I've had in my head now on a page is so gratifying not to mention the excitement of becoming a published author.

I will be talking more about the book writing experiences I've had in upcoming Talk, Tales, and Trivia episodes and I look forward to sharing them with you.

My next big thing is doing a few FaceBook Live events prior to my book launch talking about the book writing experience as a first-timer and you won't want to miss that!

And you also don't want to miss episode 62 that will be out in a couple of days.

Yes! Excitement is all around the Talk, Tales, and Trivia home base!

Love You,