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Sit, relax, listen, and enjoy these enlightening and interesting episodes on society, culture, pop culture, and trivia.

A Message From Stephanie - YES! Spring Is Almost Here - And Our New App

Feb 26, 2017

Hellloooo this is Stephanie, Talk, Tales and Trivia.

Well, here we are gliding into the warmer weather and even though I love Winter I think Spring is pretty cool, too. We here at Talk, Tales and Trivia have so many things to be grateful for and our top of the list #1 spot is you. Yes! I personally want to thank you for...

Feb 24, 2017

Episode 31 - Thoughts On Photography - And...My Darkroom Dilemma

In this episode, Stephanie talks a little about her thoughts on photography. Where would we be without it? The memories of when we were young, graduating, having birthday parties and so much more.

Stephanie also has a scary little tale about her last...

Feb 18, 2017

Episode 30!! - Daydream Your Visions - Vision Your Daydreams

Stephanie is so excited about the 30th's been a long time coming - well just about 30 weeks!

No big deal, right? Wrong! You, our listeners, have made Talk, Tales and Trivia what it is today. We would not be here if it weren't for you.

So here is...

Feb 10, 2017

Episode 29 - Valentine's Day - The Best Gifts - It's Not What You Think

Valentine's Day is finally here but here's the thing. Stephanie loves the day for different reasons then you'd think.

Sure the candy is great but kind of, well, boring. Cards are great but kind of, well, expected. And going out to dinner is,...

Feb 3, 2017

Episode 28 - My Swim Tale - It All Started When I Was 5

This week Stephanie is at it again! On a beautiful adventure. It's a look back to her younger years when she first began a swimming voyage that would last her whole life.

Well, perhaps that may be a bit dramatic.

Yes, there were ups and downs but in the end...