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Dec 15, 2017

Episode 57! - Christmas Trees - And Thought On Feeling Very Un-Christmasy...Kind Of.

Helloo...this is Stephanie...Talk, Tales and Trivia.

Merry Christmas!'s almost here; really only days away but we still have a little time to do some small (or big) Christmas shopping.

In this episode we talk about Christmas...

The Christmas Time Blahs - And Confessions From Stephanie

Dec 13, 2017

Helloo...this is Stephanie...Talk, Tales and Trivia

Merry Christmas!

Well, okay. Here we are so close to Christmas.

In this upcoming episode I'm keeping it real and free-styling it once again, kind of.

It all started while sitting in my comfy recliner late one night looking at the colored lights on my tree; I had an...

Dec 1, 2017

Episode 56 - What A Week! - Thanksgiving - Black Friday - Shop Local Saturday -Cyber Monday...AND MORE!

Helloo...this is Stephanie...Talk, Tales and Trivia...

Merry, Merry Christmas!

So it's begun. All the Christmas shopping. Driving to out of the way stores to buy that one glorious gift for that special someone.