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A Message From Stephanie - YES! Spring Is Almost Here - And Our New App

Feb 26, 2017

Hellloooo this is Stephanie, Talk, Tales and Trivia.

Well, here we are gliding into the warmer weather and even though I love Winter I think Spring is pretty cool, too. We here at Talk, Tales and Trivia have so many things to be grateful for and our top of the list #1 spot is you. Yes! I personally want to thank you for being a listener of Talk, Tales and Trivia. As I have said many times in the episodes I love hearing from all of you and you can email me at any time, about anything.

Of course our biggest news of all is that we now have our very own Talk, Tales and Trivia App so download it from the App Store.

2017 has been amazing so far and we know Talk, Tales and Trivia will keep getting better and better and we are planning some fun and exciting things. So...stay tuned and keep tuning in.

See Yah next week!


BTW, if you haven't already, check out amazon prime. It's so cool because there are so many things I talk about on the podcast that can be found on amazon and you will LOVE the Two-Day shipping.