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Be On The Look-Out - Our Next Episode Is Coming Soon

Apr 22, 2017

Helloo this is Stephanie. Talk, Tales and Trivia.

I certainly hope you had a fabulous Passover/Easter holiday week. While we didn't do a new episode for this past week, we have been busy at work.

We have been listening to your feedback! As we always do. So basically, you get to hear more of me.

You will not believe how excited I am about a new segment that has been added to our upcoming episodes.

Yes! It is technically called a new segment and it will most likely be in our weekly Talk, Tales and Trivia episodes at first. But there will be times that it's going to be a stand alone episode in addition to our original Talk, Tales and Trivia episodes.

This is a very good thing! It allows us to work on making our podcast even better for you all and it keeps us busy doing what we love.

Listen for it in the near future.

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We Love You. See Yah Next Week!

Stephanie and the Talk, Tales and Trivia Gang