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It's That Time Of Year When The World Falls In Love

Nov 24, 2017

Coming Soon! Episode 56 - It's That Time Of Year When The World Falls In Love

Helloo...this is Stephanie...Talk, Tales and Trivia

Well, it's almost time for our next episode! Very exciting around here with all the Christmas buzz...

But guess what else? It IS also that time of year when the world falls in love...usually.

Except on BLACK FRIDAY - which today is.

There are problems here:

  1. Crowds of people
  2. Lack of parking spaces (reference above)
  3. The sales prices are kind of fake...yes...I'm afraid to say it but the stores raise the prices months in advance and then lowers them to the real price that the item should be to make you think your getting a deal.'re not.

However, I personally do LOVE Black Friday because I don't go out. And actually, it's very quiet here at home.

I sleep in, I can do my podcast without interruptions, I drink obnoxious cups of coffee (more than usual) because...well...why not?! I clean up a little...AND YES...

I start my Christmas decorating and sing along with the Christmas music.

There ARE, however, a few things I don't want you to's a list but there's no need to get pencil and paper out.

First, My book is making it's 2nd edition and will be out in February so look for it then. It's currently not on amazon at this time.

Second, I was interviewed on The Author Inside You podcast a couple of weeks ago and I know I'm late telling you but it's worth a listen and I think it went pretty well. Here is the link: My Interview on The Author Inside You podcast

 YES! Thank you to Leah and Matt for having me on as their guest. Check out their podcast, too! Here is the link: The Author Inside You Podcast

And, as I always have been telling you lately, help a girl out and push that purple podcast button on your iPhone to SUBSCRIBE and/or REVIEW! And by the way, I know you know what purple button I'm referring to! :-)'s Christmas!
Love You All!