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Dec 13, 2016

Episode 21 - The "Yule Log" - New York's Christmas Morning Favorite

YES! We are getting closer to Christmas Day and Stephanie is getting more and more excited. In this episode Stephanie explains a New York Christmas tradition...the "Yule Log" that aired 4 hours on WPIX Channel 11 every Christmas morning.

If you don't know about this regional are not alone. Stephanie goes into what, where, why and how the "Yule Log" actually began and why New Yorker's love it so much. There's so much to love in this Christmas tradition. Yes there is! 

*Special Note - Stephanie also wants to give some musicians who play great Christmas music a voice, if you will, on these Christmas episodes. They are so fantastic and rightly deserve recognition. That is why on the past few episodes there has been Christmas music from some wonderful musicians found on

Check it out!

So go now and grab your slippers, your favorite hot beverage and cozy up to this episode about the "Yule Log". Then on Christmas Day turn on the tube or computer and stare dreamily into the fiery embers. 

You'll thank Stephanie later. 

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