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Jan 26, 2017

Episode 27 - Music And Me - A Regret And A Do-Over

On this weeks episode Stephanie talks a bit about the love of her life - music.

Although there is a little history about an instrument Thomas Edison devised to play our beloved music, this episode is really a tale about Stephanie, and perhaps a lesson for us all.

You are never too late to have your dreams come true unless you think they can't become realities.

Stephanie learned this one the hard way. When it comes right down to it, only you can make it happen.

Life's too short to have your dreams, desires and passions thrown away. Do it right NOW!

So you know what's next. Get in that kitchen and make that hot beverage quickly. You have no time to waste.

Relax for a moment and listen to this episode but afterward get moving on that dream you always wanted to happen.

Whatever it is, it will be worth it!

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