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Feb 24, 2017

Episode 31 - Thoughts On Photography - And...My Darkroom Dilemma

In this episode, Stephanie talks a little about her thoughts on photography. Where would we be without it? The memories of when we were young, graduating, having birthday parties and so much more.

Stephanie also has a scary little tale about her last semester in college. The thought of going back to college scares most people but she, in particular, had a heck of a time in one of her classes!

Well, you know what's next. Since photography IS an art form, perhaps a little class is in order...a glass of white chardonnay, perhaps? OR maybe not. We leave that one up to you for this episode.

A cup of your favorite hot beverage sounds just as wonderful if you were to ask Stephanie, for she is in bed with the covers over her head. She is trying to forget that darn college memory that was brought to the surface on this episode.

Hmmm...some things really stick with a person!

Here are some beautiful and cool items for those photography buffs out there:

The Polaroid Instant Digital Camera - Retro photography and...NO DARKROOM NEEDED!

2017 Ansel Adams Wall Calendar

The Most Unknown Famous Artist You'll Ever Meet: Full Color Version by Janos Enyedi (Author), Diana Enyedi (Contributor)

Behind The Camera: Creative Techniques of 100 Great Photographers by Paul Lowe

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