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May 22, 2017

Episode 41 - It's All Fun And Games -

In this here episode, Stephanie talks about having fun and games. It's all very exciting. The "thinking about having fun while playing games" part. But is it really fun?

"Wednesday Game Night" is an actual thing and it's becoming popular once again (Everything is cyclical. Remember that).

Of course, game night means board games, card games and kids' games that have been, perhaps, forgotten and need to be dusted of the shelf for a second run.

Stephanie also mentions that it's all fun and games until someone...hmmm...can't stand it anymore. We here at Talk, Tales and Trivia are not asking any questions about that one. Perhaps, it's like something that one (?) used to love doing. Like a chore or spring cleaning. You get the point.

Put all that aside for now. Get your chips and salsa or popcorn and a favorite drink. Get into "Wednesday Game Night" and know deep down inside that you're a winner no matter what.

*You won't believe it (or maybe you will). Found:
Classic Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle. Fun even for one! YES!

*Steph's old time favorite:
Royal Game of Ur

*Get Parcheesi - Stephanie played this when she was a youngster:
You've never heard of it? Parcheesi it up, baby!

*Perhaps a little backgammon?
Backgammon is FUN!

*Mastermind (Steph was good at this at one point):
Get Mastermind! Your brain exercise for the night

*Do you like racy card games? Tell the truth. Don't be shy.
Crimes Against Humanity Card Game

OR would you rather play "Would You Rather"?
Would You Rather Card Game

*Table Topics (aka, named "The Divorce Game" by Stephanie)
There are choices of which Table Topics to get

*A small part of a Revolverhead music video shows older adults playing the  "Looping Louie" game. See it below:
Looping Louie Funny Revolverhead Video

*See Looping Louis all souped up with high powered motor and lights:
There are a lot of these videos. So look at them all!

*Do you think you're ready to play Looping Louie? Let's see what happens after you are done putting all those stickers on. It's fun!
Looping Louie Game

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