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Jun 5, 2017

Episode 43 - Dystopian Everything! - It's Bleak. It's Depressing - We Love It

In this episode Stephanie talks about the "Dystopian Everything" craze that is currently in American pop culture. There is a lot to read, watch and listen to. 

Here's the thing. Stephanie loves dystopian everything but is it a good thing? She ponders this and weighs in on this topic of the week. Of course it's a good thing. Perhaps in small doses for the faint of heart.

Is it more depressing than it is good? Stephanie thinks if you take it nice and slow and don't overindulge you'll be just fine. Just fine.

Now, run, don't walk. Don't look behind you. That will slow you down. Grab a tasty drink, get comfy, relax, listen and smile. Are you in a good mood now? That's so terrific. So. Very. Good.

But just know that when you do delve into the deep world of dystopia you might feel a bit, well, different.

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