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Jun 15, 2017

Episode 44 - Give Me That Bacon! - Seriously. I Want It...Now.

In this episode Stephanie discovers the world of bacon! Seriously. She loves her bacon. Mounds and mounds of bacon. For Stephanie, it can't get much better than having loads of bacon on her plate.

Stephanie talks about her special love for this all-time very favorite meat that most American's love just as much as her.

We also did some research discovering a few online stores that sell all the special bacon delicacies just in case family and friends don't know what to get Stephanie for her birthday (hint, hint...Mom and's bacon).

Get all the facts and then get some special bacon products including bacon jewelry, bacon clothing, chocolate covered bacon and the "Bacon of the Month Club".

*Now, in doing this episode, Stephanie realizes that there are some that might find bacon not to their liking so we promise to make it up to you. Perhaps by choosing a non-meat food product. Any suggestions?

For those bacon lovers, get in that comfy recliner right now and sit back with a beautiful glass of southern sweet tea and enjoy this episode. Then go make a bacon sandwich! All you need is bacon and bread. Easy peasy.

Get The Book (We added some that sounded good):

101 Things To Do With Bacon

Bacon 24/Seven

Bacon Nation

Everybody Loves Bacon

Everything Tastes Better With Bacon

I Love Bacon

Some Bacon Gifts For The Loved One's In Your Life

Bacon Playing Cards

"You Had Me At Bacon" / Hoodies and Shirts

Mystery Bacon Goodie Box - Original, Uber and Kids'

Bacon Of The Month Club

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