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Jul 7, 2018

Episode 62 - Cats vs. Dogs - Stephanie Lives In A Home For Dogs! Seriously.

Hellooo…this is Stephanie – Talk, Tales and Trivia!

In this weeks episode we have a bit of fun chatting about cats or dogs.

What kind of person are you? Are you a cat lover or a dog worshiper? Hmmm…Stephanie has her own questions about the subject.

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend but there’s something special about the solitude and reflective nature of being a cat too.

If Stephanie had to make a decision, what would she choose? It’s a hard choice especially when Stephanie lives in a wonderful place surrounded by those animals that bark instead of meow. And she likes it!

We know it’s hot out and it’s Summer so take a slow stroll into your kitchen and get a glass of sweet tea or, perhaps, ice water to quench your thirst. Now, turn up the AC or sit on your screened in porch and hunker down to this episode.

You might be “on the fence” like Stephanie is about getting another pet. And yet, is there a better pet option? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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