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Mar 17, 2021

Are you wondering about America's buying power before the pandemic vs during the pandemic? I've been wondering so I've done some research about how we all spend our time and money. Is it rational?

It's very telling to see what exactly we were purchasing and what exactly we are now purchasing. What were our personal favorites before Covid-19? Has it changed drastically during Covid-19?

There is no doubt that we have everyday needs, wants, and desires even though we're at home. Nothing really has changed regarding that, after all, we still want to feel good, satisfied, and happy.

Americans desperately want an enhanced life and we all want to have our rituals, and indulgences met, whether it be through ice cream, a homemade family dinner, or an interesting and entertaining app from the Apple ecosystem.

Are Americans prepared for life after the "new normal"...whatever that looks like? You'll find out in this research-filled episode that is truly all about YOU.

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CNBC article about the Zoom Meeting Platform:

MSN article: More Stores Are Selling Face Masks:

Pandemic Proof - The Most Loved Brands of Covid-19:

Decision by Bob Proctor:

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