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Mar 24, 2021

Do you love coffee like I do? If not, you most likely have a family member, friend or co-worker who loves coffee and the smell of that indulgent and fresly made brew. If trivia is for you then perhaps you'll want to share this episode. There's a lot of it!

And you or your coffee drinking friend or loved one may be missing out on the golden opportunity of being a "Coffee Connoiseur". It doesn't sound so bad. A matter of fact, it sounds kind of fun. And who doesn't love to have fun?

As I explore deeper into coffee, I find that one of the main functions of a true coffee lover is going to different coffee shops and asking questions or making your own coffee and learning about all the types of coffee and not being stuck on that one "Cup of Joe" you've gotten so used to drinking. There are so many coffee flavors and strengths to go for. Don't be shy. Try them all.

Links that were mentioned in this episode:

"This Is Coffee" - 1961 short film -

Learn about becoming a "Coffee Connoisseur" -

Thank you for listening to this episode. I hope you enjoyed it.

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