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March Is TryPod Month - Try A Podcast, Share With Friends - Here's How...

Mar 8, 2017

Hellloooo this is Stephanie, Talk, Tales and Trivia.

This is such an exciting month for podcaster's AND listeners alike.

We want all of you to listen and enjoy podcasts of all kinds whether it be about politics, news, pop culture, entertainment, murder mystery, parenting, the movies, relationships, interviews.

Whatever your interest is, there is a podcast for you!

So...go to right now and find a podcast that you would like to listen to.

These are podcasts recommended by podcaster's so you know they're great!

We have put together some pictures to illustrate how you can tune into podcasts from your iPhone.

It's easy!

If you download from the podcast app on your iPhone:

1. Click the purple podcast button.   2. Click search and type podcast.


3. This gives you options.         4. Click to be able to Subscribe.

If the podcast is an app in the app store:

1. Click on the App Store.       2. Click Search Magnifier at bottom.


3. Type in podcast name.        4. Push "Install" and then "Open".