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My Prediction - Joker Movie Is Oscar Gold - EPISODE TRANSCRIPT

Jan 15, 2020

Hello, this is Stephanie and this is Talk, Tales and Trivia, the show where I talk about pop culture and trivia and I am a mad researcher and I love researching pop culture and trivia and I will do it for you because it is great. It is a fun way to stump your family and friends. It is so much fun.

Listen, on today's episode I want to talk about one movie that I've recently seen and one actor that I just love. And if you know me at all from past episodes, you know that I do not go to the movies a ton of times, but when I find a movie I like, I tend to see it over and over again and make it a study of sorts about the movie and analyzing it to death as I have with this movie I'm going to talk about now the reason this movie is coming up is because Oscar season is upon us and we cannot forget those movies that we just love and we can't forget what they're about. So this is an important movie and it is important because of what it symbolizes. And it is going to win the Oscar.

Okay. That is my prediction. I am banking on that and I am making bank on the fact that the actor that's in the movie is going to win best actor. What movie and what actor am I talking about? Well I am talking about Joker and Joaquin this is an episode that you don't want to miss because I am going to go through this movie in little bits. Not so much of spoilers, but I am going to go through this movie and I am going to, well, make you see why you should see this movie because it is more than just a comic book, movie. Now, anyone that knows me from the past episodes knows that I am not a DC comic kind of a movie goer. I don't. I don't really know about DC comics. I really don't. I know Batman exists.

I know a little bit about the DC comic world, but I am not a moviegoer of DC comics. So when joker came out I thought, hmmm, but then I thought, hmmm I do want to see that movie. And it is because it is an origin story. Well, joker was portrayed by many actors in the past. Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, and now walking Phoenix just to name a few.

And this joker is the start of DC Dark. What is DC Dark? Well, let me just tell you, DC Dark is an extension of DC Comics. It is a darker, grittier, more violent movie. And Joker is the first movie that comes out of DC dark. Now listen, Heath ledger and walking Phoenix both played Joker recently and they are both method actors. And I want to touch on that a little bit. So method acting is the technique that walking Phoenix and Heath ledger used to get into the joker role.

And that is really cool because it means that they were in seclusion for a long period of time and they were really honing in on what joker was all about. That character itself. So that's a cool thing, right? You have to realize that a lot of effort goes into that form of technique to be the method actor and to come out with a great character that is their own right, that is really unique to them. And that is wonderful to figure out. Now, method acting is the technique that actors used to focus on getting into the mind of the character. And this joker movie does not disappoint. And I do want to mention that Heath Ledger's joker is not a disappointment at all. But guess what? It lends itself to this joker movie and I will tell you why. Now let's get into it. The Oscars are in February and I want you to be prepared for the Oscar win.

So watch this movie before the Oscars. That's all I have to say. You may need to understand why it has won and why it is important to everything. Why this movie is so important. It is a movie that is at its core about mental health in our society. Well, it does touch on that quite a bit. The mentally ill being ignored and one man's saga or story on how it affected his life and the lives of others around him. Right. It is also under the guise of the Batman Joker universe. So they use that story to get this story across about joker. But make no mistake, this movie makes for a serious study on society and the mentally ill that's why it's important we learn about what makes joker tick, why the laugh, why the violence? It answers a lot of why's so that when we go back and look at past Jokers or future Jokers, we will have a better understanding. That is a great thing.

Now the cinematography is wonderful and it is very 1980s and that is why I love it because I grew up in that era and is indicative to the 1980s gritty New York City, the garbage strike, which actually was a real thing. It did happen. The Subway's disgusting with graffiti and grit. Yup. Real thing. It did happen. I mean people who don't give a damn. Yes, yep. At did happen. Rats and other varmen. Yes. It didn't happen. I remember New York city in 1981 times square where this is all taking place in especially the opening scene. Yes, that is a gritty thing. And actually one little piece of trivia that I do want you to remember and you can stump your friends with, is those New York City scenes that are supposed to be times square are actually in Newark, New Jersey, where Newark has not changed since the 1980s so that was kind of a cool thing.

Now listen, the look and feel of the city is indicative to Joker's mind feeling very chaotic, cluttered, lost, dirty, desperate. That is really just telling of how he joker was looking at life. And that is a cool little thing that they do. They say it on physical, right? You're looking at the physical stuff that's going on outside and it's indicative to the way the Joker is feeling on the inside. Now listen, this is a movie for everybody. It is not as violent as it is portrayed as being a matter of fact, Suicide Squad, the DC movie that came out before joker is a lot more violent. So please do not worry about sharing this movie with perhaps a 13 or 14 year old. They are going to love it. Did you hear me? They are going to love it and that is coming from someone, me who, well, didn't think I would love it.

At the end of the movie when Joker really emerges as joker, we can't help but be happy for him. At least I can't, and the last 20 minutes of the movie I watch over and over and over again because that is his rise. That is him descending on evilness and descending on, well, just who he has become and who he is going to be. You need to understand that aspect of the desperation that he was pushing against and pushing against and finally just gave into and his beautiful discovery that he was making a difference in society and the area where he was living in New York city at the time. He was making the difference and people were listening for once to what he was saying to them. Yes, we think that joker is not such a great character at the end, but we can't help cheering for him.We can't help cheering for him.

And also there is a twist or there can be, if you believe this whole movie is actually happening, then that's great, but there is some people that don't think the movie actually happened and that happened in Joker's mind. Hmmm. Maybe you'll understand that when you see it and I hope you do. I hope you come out of the movie thinking maybe anything could happen or anything is possible within this movie. It is a movie. Well worth seeing and take it from somebody that just didn't know what to expect. Go see Joker before the Oscars and make bank on it. Just like me.


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Go see Joker and give me your feedback on that. I know, it's going to be an Oscar winner and Joaquin Phoenix. Well, he's got it in the bag. That's my prediction and I got to get out of here, so I will see you next time. Bye bye.