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Stump your family and friends. It is SO much fun!

Aug 25, 2020

In this episode, I talk about the “Caste System” of India and how it relates to our present-day “Class System” here in American and in most of the western world.

We all are part of the “Class-System” in our country, which is the socio-economic hierarchy that has made America, America. No matter where you are in our class structure, did you know that you have the ability to see yourself moving ahead without thinking about which socio-economic class you fall into? It’s true!

Take advantage of all the many technological resources that we have today to learn, grow, and become successful at whatever you want. See yourself being exactly who you want to be regardless of a “Class” or “Caste” label. And know for sure that you can be anyone you want to be no matter where you are in our society.

Learn a few enlightening facts to stump your family and friends. It's so much fun!

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Links mentioned in this episode:

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Wikipedia – Caste System of India:

Gallup Website / What Determines How Americans Perceive Their Social Class?

What is endogamy? Found out here:

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